Last month I gave a lecture at the University of San Diego’s Internet marketing class on the power of youthful passion, and its impact on fast pace world of internet technology. The lecture was titled “Young and Rocking it”,simply because, in the 21st century, age has no bearing on ones ability to execute a vision. The room was filled with bright and eagers students ready to tackle the challenges and adventures that await them. I highlight a few trends in technology, and gave an overview of the exciting things we are working on at BUMP. Towards the end, I tried to reflect on my college years and provide insights towards what impacted  journey, as well as share a few pieces of tangible advise that could be useful going forward.

The last few years of your undergraduate studies present incredible opportunities to those who properly seek them. With the right intent and thoughtful execution Students have an undeniable trump card to engage others yearning for knowledge and understanding.

“Looking forward its impossible to connect the dots, looking backwards, they all make so much sense” – Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech

Below are a few salient points I addressed throughout the talk that significantly impacted my college years, and still do today.

Embrace Youth– Age has no bearing on success, If you didn’t know how old you are, how old would you be?  Youthful passion and excitement in many cases, is just as valuable as experience.

Be Cognizant Of Your Environment– Carefully select those you choose to spend your time with . Is the future value of your closet friends or colleagues, increasing or decreasing. Be in charge of your life

Ladder 28 – Find mentors that have vested interest in your success. Embrace criticism and Leverage their knowledge  or experience. Ask questions.

Take Action Quickly- When you have an idea for a business try selling the product or service immediately, think logically of the time you spend planning and not selling, identify revenue and focus on it.

Be  Leader- Young leaders are in high demand. If you have a clear plan on what you want to achieve, its a lot easier for people to help you.

Be Naïve– Listen intently to everyone, but consciously weight others opinions. Opinions are the cheapest commodity, thus, you must create and opinion filers, to act just as a junk mail filter does on your email. There is a lot of junk mail out there, and if you listen to all of it, it will be tough to achieve your goals.

Below is a highlight of the lecture-

Young and Rocking It!

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