The speech recognition revolution has been long anticipated, but what does it really mean?

For starters we are entering a new horizon of human-to-device interaction. With the launch of the IPhone 4S, mass consumers will now understand the significance of what a well tailored, continually improving, voice controlled device can and will do.  Voice automated command,control, response, and interaction will forever change the user experience and shift the paradigm of development for most commonly used household items, devices and equipment.

The historical account of technological communication provides insight toward why the last 150 years were plagued by myopic focus on cumbersome (keyboard based) communication mediums. How did we transition from a natural state of communication expressive and engaging  dialogue, to keyboards and punch cards? Well scrappy entrepreneur and post civil war printer Christopher Shoels introduced the first mainstream QWERTY typewriter and since then we have been lost in keystroke confusion.  Surprisingly, the QWERTY  keyboard, was developed to stifle human productivity., Mr. Shoels intentionally separated the most  commonly used letters on the keyboard to avoid functional jamming. (circa electronic configuration). Simply put we have adopted and perfected the intentionally awkward and difficult keyboard.

However now we can all celebrate! The era of intentionally cumbersome keystrokes is coming to an end, and a wave of voice automated instructional devices will begin to change the course of development, productivity, interaction and communication.

Below is a brief account  of technological communication advancements

1400 BC- Oldest record of writing in China on bones.

170 BC Papyrus – first portable and light writing surfaces. – Awesome

14 – Romans establish postal services.- (way better than your first email)

1455- Johannes Gutenberg invents a printing press- (Congrats, information for the masses)

1831- Joseph Henry invents the first electric telegraph.

1867- American, Sholes the first successful and modern typewriter. – (Research and perfection down the wrong path begins)

1867-2000– Arthritis epidemic booms, ergonomics becomes a billion dollar industry, and schools are teaching advanced dexterity classes and insane motor skills (The typing tipping point)

2008Present– mainstream speech recognition begins- (Just as God wished)

Don’t underestimate the current state of affairs, we are truly entering a new horizon, what Brian Roemmele, calls the 4th computer interface, human and device are will start to converge,  and the device itself will soon be hard to identify.

For a more detailed account of this topic, please read Brian Roemmele response, to why Siri is important on Quora, as well as the below info graphic from Mashable



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