Google has been on a crusade to autocratically enter emerging markets, and revolutionize the way fortunate 500 execs view traditional business.  I call it a crusade because Google’s ambitious realities are  not only about quarterly revenue figures and adjusted EBITA margins, they are about fundamental aspects of “the corporation”. Just as the crusades sought to convert millions, Google is changing the fundamental philosophy of traditional business, converting non believers that there is value in transparency, and even more value in Data.

In attempts the make the information of the world available to the masses, (a narrow scope if you look at the recent operating activities) Google  eagerly  enters traditional markets with an esoteric view of the way goods are exchanged. In most cases, Google calls for an open market philosophy, challenging business 2.0 win, win, lose scenarios and creating win win win scenarios. The only caveat, in Business 2.0 individuals had a monetary burden, they had to pay for something , hence the last lose.  Comparatively, in Business 3.0 there is no fiat currency, only intellectual currency, your personal information!

In retrospect, I guess the Win Win Win scenario are for those confortable with other robots knowing more about you than perhaps you know about yourself…..(another discussion in itself. watch out for Skynet!)

A few industries that Google has entered or entering, challenging  the win, win, lose, Business 2.0 Philosophy. – (These are off the cuff while on a plane with no internet access)

Mobile Phone OS – Open Platform for Developers no regulation on apps

Telecom– Rev sharing with Large carries on app purchases

Desktop OS – New Google Chrome, encourages users to Jailbreak OS and run on all including mac.

E Commerce – Google shopping and checkout, free to use as a e retailer

Information distribution – Google news, Google books, Google patent search.

Maps– Free open source available to consumer.

SAS tools- CRM, Email, Project Management – Never pay for software again, sorry SAS carriers.

Photo Sharing– Picasa, sorry photo bucket and image shack

Travel– planning and mapping booking .

Wind/ Solar – Yet to be seen what they do with this.

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