Vie International- Mitch Thrower

Notes from Mitch Throwers Speech to Vie International:

Put a book by your bed and write your dreams down………from the crazy to the fearful our dreams are a pensive to reality. Ralph Waldo Emerson succinctly said: “We are what we think about all day long”.

Reflect on the days end….Are you living a life congruent with your goals and values?

888 Principal. In life we have hours to sleep,  eight hours to work, and the remaining eight hours to take from life everything you want. It’s these precious eight hours you have the choice do what is right for you. Its these eight hours that delineate your abundance of life.

Most people have no definite aim or purpose in life. they simply wander through life letting uncontrolled circumstances guide there existence. 99% of people never set goals or identify what they really want in life. Image shooting an arrow at a target with a blindfold on. Impossible right? Now imagine trying to navigate thought life with such a blindfold on. Stupid right?

Become part of the 1% and wright your goals down.

In the acclaimed game “chutes and ladders” there a special latter on space 28. On square 28 there is a ladder takes you from the bottom of the board to the top in 1 swift moment. In life…you have to find as many latter 28;s as possible, and climb them all. The more ladders in your life the high your will go and the more you will learn.

Use your mouuth like a mouse….and point to the spots in peoples mind that resonates with them.

Leverage is the most competitive thing you can have life….Use it.

Write articles in the industry your passion lies.

Integrity, Inteligence, Intense motivation………..Warren Buffet.

Be judgemental to the extent you protect yourself.

lack of Follow Through……is the number 1 determinate of failures.

California is a Flake State…..Sad but true 🙂

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