After many deliberating conversations with a close colleague of mine, Jovan Poaunovic we came to the conclusion that there was void in the market of value added non distracting mutually beneficial information.

Lets face it, We live in a society of information overload, it is estimated that a weeks worth of New York Times Contains more information than and individual would encounter over a life time in the 18th century.

There is no debating that valuable information is our there and not to sounds cliche “at our fingertips” but how do we harness it? How do we determine the valuable from the irrelevant, the mundane and repetitive, from the innovative and new?

Its ironic: Google in this scenario is actually the curse and the cure. Google allows us to aaccess incredible amounts of valued information but for most poeple its acutally to powerful.

For example try searching:

How to make spaghetti


Cheap Hotels in San Diego

I had no clue there was 11 million ways to make spaghetti and even more impressive 28 million hotels in San Diego.

Searching Google with basic arguments is like trying to take a picture with an unfocused camera, you will never get a clear picture of what your looking for.

Its time to focuse the camera and tell Google exactly what you want.

For example:

When I want to make spaghetti, I’m usually hungry, and the last thing i want to to do is search through 11 million recipes,

Solution: In the below scenario I demanded Google to only search information that contained my search criteria in the title, taking me from 11 million to 2,190 spaghetti recipes.  Good news time to eat.

When searching Cheap San Diego Hotels we were able to narrow the search from 28 million San Diego hotels to 32,100 hotels. In this scenario we demanded Google to only search sites where anchor links, i.e the actual link contains those words.

In these scenarios i limited the jargon and focused on exactly what i wanted. Image the power of doing this with not only Google but your life.

Start focusing you camera and the world get much more clear.

For information on how to use Google operator please visit the GOOGLE GUIDE

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