Values – Visions – Beliefs – & Little Uncertainty


When you leave the threshold of your home, on your way to work, How do you feel?

Are you excited?

Do you have energy?

Are you looking forward to greeting your colleagues in the morning?

Building an all star culture cannot come from the top down. It’s said one of the main reasons people feel unhappy/distant at work is because when they feel like they leave a piece of there identity at home.

In the world of transparency from,, and anonymous micro blogs, a company’s culture and office chemistry is more critical to   the bottom line than ever before.

Some of today’s most significant and successful companies are reengineering the workplace and gaining market share by focusing less on the 4p’s and 3c’s and more on the core values, creating what Kevin Hartz CEO of EventBrite calls a “Double Rainbow Experience”

I noticed a couple things at BUMP that has significantly improved creativity, productivity and most importantly in camaraderie in the office.

Parts of a whole, drivers of culture @

  • Bring a piece of you to work
  • Let everyone know your passions, from the trivial many the critical few
  • Physical heath, enables mental clarity
  • Open book-no secrets
  • Define your goals
  • Build a Family
  • Be Uncomfortable

Lastly, A little uncertainty is key in any work environment. From landing a new client, to beating last quarters benchmark uncertainty breads eustress which is the driver of positive passion and actionable results.

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