Interesting, its been 2 years since starting the amazing journey with BUMP. Its hard to fathom how much fun your going to have, and how many interesting challenges you will face while running/ starting a small business/ start up. Below are a few salient points that one could dedicate a full book to, albeit many probably have- nonetheless they are note worthy and useful for future discourse


  1. Outsource as much as possibleTo the extend you are reaching beyond your core competency, outsource. However if you feel you can engineer or preform such duties more efficiently than what’s available market, move forward and proceed quickly 
  2. Be the expert in your field, not in every field- From the beginning have a major goal but focus intently on one aspect and perfect it, establishing your business.
  3. Be transparent from decisions to vision.- Communicate to the extent you feel its overwhelming, I despise meetings, however groups emails and 5-10 minute  updates/ webinars are amazingly effective.
  4. Organize fanatically- from process flow to communication, to general office stuff – order is extremely important
  5. Only hire A + people, with good positive attitudes – The energy and productivity in a start up is delicate being.  A+ people only want to be around other A+ people, the moment you hire B, you get C and eventually D’s.
  6. Don’t be to serious- it gets boring, people wont have creative energy when its serious,  environment and energy is he most important asset, (other than brains)
  7. Spend frugally – A penny saved is a penny earned, Operate your business as you were earning 1/2 as much as you currently are.
  8. Make decisions often– For most decision if you have deliberated for more than 7 hours, its been too long. Make decisions quickly and promptly- Move forward.  
  9. Fire quickly-If you made a hiring error, identify correct and move forward- people seldom change.
  10. Operate with urgency- Everything should have a deadline of timeline, no someday, hopeful, wishful or maybes
  11. Legal- Require lawyers to send bill after every discussion or project.- don’t let this run wild.
  12. Good and bad News- Report it- Highlight the good news as well as the bad news, the right team can handle the swings.
  13. Be FLEXIBLE- Be prepared to have extremely flexible schedule- life and the rest of the word, will take a backseat
  14. Set up automatic forward- Recruiters/ and service providers  will call non stop,
  15. Control the press– Leverage your local media outlets.  Media is like monopoly- 4 green houses is 1 Red, 4 local press can be 1 national press.
  16. Be humble – Goes without saying

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